Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black, White & Rouge

I just wrote one of my last exams for the summer semester but I must admit, it doesn't seem all that close to freedom as I had anticipated. My summer hasn't exactly been the most eventful...or even feel like a vacation for that matter. While I'd much rather be traveling the world and soaking up the sun, I've been here swarmed with work, school and prepping for the LSAT and it's just becoming overwhelming. 

For a much needed care free night out, I dressed up this maxi dress with heels and an evening clutch. I always find myself drawn to the classic black and white but I decided to throw in a little rouge for a change. It's the perfect look for a night out, delivering on simplicity with a twist of classy meets sassy! 

Forever 21 maxi dress 
Call it Spring clutch
Forever 21 heels

Xo, Sarah

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beautiful Day on Campus

Coming to the realization that there are thousands of people out there with similar dreams, similar goals and similar aspirations - I've decided that it's time I changed my outlook on blogging, or life for that matter. I've decided to put myself out there, do things that I wouldn't normally do or things that I've always been too self conscious to do out of shyness or fear of making mistakes. I've played it safe so far and although life is comfortable, I have to stop living in my secure bubble and take the opportunities out there waiting to be claimed. So with blogging, I'm aiming to try new things, broaden my outlook, take photographers up on their offer to collab (whereas in the past I've always convinced myself it wasn't a good idea), etc.

Last week, one of my friends came across my blog and my immediate thought was to privatize it along with my social media pages, but it was far beyond damage control. Without anyone in my personal life aware of my blog, I had little to fear because although there is no shortage of negativity online, I could handle it coming from a stranger. An Instagram comment from a user telling me not to wear a particular item of clothing because I have broad shoulders had absolutely no effect on me. However, knowing that people in my life could possibly be reading this, it no longer feels like a safe space to freely express myself. But lets be real, fear of judgement is just another #FirstWorldProblem... and it's time to own it! If that means shooting for my blog in public locations with a panoramic view of judgemental eyes (like my campus), so be it.

Xo, Sarah

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

There is No Such Thing as Being Too Overdressed

I was out to dinner last night and noticed a peculiar and utterly distasteful trend, many of the waitress staff were in leggings. Now I'm talking, ankle length, mid-calf leggings and even a leather trim legging spotted across the restaurant. If you partake in any form of social media, or have stepped out of your house within the last year, you're not new to this 'leggings as pants' epidemic that has broken out faster than fake Cartier's. While this may be acceptable in a fast food environment, I was appalled and would have never expected this trend to infiltrate a high end business. I won't out the business (as to not belittle an entire company for their possible poor management at one location), but I will say that I most definitely will not be back. I'm not one to complain about such frivolous matters but it's hard not to notice when everyone dining in were well dressed while the staff was navigating the hall in their lounge wear. I've never felt classier in my entire life. 

You can't go wrong with black and white for dinner or drinks after a long day at work in your slimming trousers and perfectly appropriately pointed toe pumps. If you ever happen to feel overdressed (which is never a problem in my books), just remember that you won't be frowned upon for dressing like you have your life together :p. That's why I always say, when in doubt - business casual's your way out! Okay... I've never actually said that but business casual is always my go-to!

H&M blouse // Zara drawstring trousers // Aldo heels // Target satchel
⇠   ⇢
Wish sunglasses

Xo, Sarah

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Welcoming Kate & Mel into my Closet

Welcoming Kate & Mel into my closet. I've been on the hunt for the perfect tan heels for summer but wasn't quite satisfied with anything I've tried on prior to these whether it was due to an unstable heel or insecure straps. These on the other hand were love at first sight and you know what they say, "shoe love is true love" haha. In all truthfulness I probably would have gotten them regardless of comfortability but luckily looks were not deceiving. Who else is loving the metallic heel trend? So chic and versatile!  

Get them at Town Shoes or online here!

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe

XO, Sarah

Friday, July 11, 2014

Reinventing the Kimono

When they say cropped tops are not for everyone, it's not food for thought, it's a fact. I don't think I need to give you the 411 on the topic, I'm sure you've been to your local Wal-Mart (#PeopleOfWalMart) and had your fair share of rueful double takes. Not only have the deviants become the poster girls for North American fashion faux pas, but is it really worth your dignity and the judgement? (mostly negative, studies show). If you're not fit to bare midriff, this isn't the time and place to channel your inner Madonna.