Friday, February 24, 2017

Vancouver Travel Diary

📍 Cypress View Point
Last month I experienced more adventure than I had my entire life. I ended my trip in Dominica with a short stay in Barbados and then straight to Vancouver, and it wasn't because I was eager to return to winter in the Great White North. I went from tanning under the Caribbean sun to snowshoeing up mountains with little to no feeling in my toes; but it was well worth it. I mean, just look at that view...

I spent my New Year's Eve in Vancouver visiting one of my best friends, who by the way, totally understands the need to photograph everything; and that's definitely a friend every travel blogger needs. 
Today, I'm sharing snaps from some of my favourite spots in Vancouver that are totally instagramable and will leave you wondering why it took you this long to make it out to the West Coast. 😲

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cozy Co-ord's

The perfect look for those days when you just want to lounge around at home but also have to fulfill prior commitments when you'd just-rather-cancel-last-minute-and-stay-in-but-you-don't-cause-you're-a-good-person. Yupp, here I am, straight out of my living room to the streets of Toronto, heading to lunch with my sister in a comfy co-ord. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Refreshing my Apartment with Homesense

Today I'm sharing some snaps of my home in collaboration with Homesense. If you follow my  Instagram you are probably already aware of my passion for interior design and home decor, so it should come to no surprise that I'm always looking to refresh my home with new pieces. I've used the new year as an opportunity to incorporate new finds from Homesense to each room in my home. 
My closet is one of my favourite rooms in the apartment. Photographed above is the newest addition to my closet that incorporates wooden hangers, a floor lamp, a faux fur sheepskin rug and wall art; all finds from Homesense.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Be Your Own Kind of Wonderful

Along with the new year comes new aspirations, new goals, and new visions. I've spend the last few weeks of 2016 experiencing different cultures and exploring new cities and counties that are far different from my norm. I've never really been much further than Miami beach, and pretty much spent my past vacation days exploring nearby cities and States.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Secret Bay - A Luxurious Stay in Dominica

During my trip in Dominica, I had the pleasure of experiencing the award winning resort, Secret Bay. Secret Bay is a beautiful resort composed of several luxury villas that are surrounded by nature with a view that overlooks the Caribbean Sea. It was a highlight of my trip, and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a luxury stay on the Nature Isle of Dominica.