Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to Basics

H&M Knit Sweater | Forever 21 Skinny Jeans | Danier Bag | Chuck Taylor Converse Sneakers | Little Burgundy Hat

Back to Uni, back to long hours of readings, back to those dreadful monotoned lectures we all love oh so much. You're all probably on the same boat. I still haven't fully acknowledged that school is back in the picture after being off for almost a month, but that doesn't stop the books and stress from piling up. 

Heading back to school also means return of the daily routine, so I wanted to talk about dressing for Uni and my no-sweatpant rule. I know not everyone cares for fashion or how they look attending classes but I think theres a huge difference between comfort and laziness... and it tends to gets lost along the way. People need to stop justify wearing sweatpants as being studious because your full face of makeup and acrylics say otherwise. I have a rule against wearing sweatpants in public, that is, the ugly, baggy sweatpants that seem to take the spot light during exam season. It takes the same amount of time to throw on pants, literally-any-kind-of-pants.... so why not? Comfort is important when you have long days spent rushing from lecture to lecture, believe me, but I'd never use that an excuse to wear sweats. And you know, there are pants that fall between skinnies and sweats, right? Even if you're not into fashion or could not care less how you dress, laziness is never attractive. Don't get me wrong, I don't personally have anything against others wearing sweatpants in public, just don't play the "student" card. 

What are your thoughts on wearing sweats in public? Leave a comment below :)

There's nothing better than cozy knits and beanies on chilly days. I scored this navy turtle neck for $25 at H&M and it has got to be the softest sweater I've ever worn! Sometimes it's just better to strip down to the basics and dress for comfort, especially in discomforting weather. This outfit is an oldie that I never got around to blogging back in November. 



  1. Love your outfit! You've got a gorgeous style!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  2. Wow, you look beautiful! I really love your beanie and bag :) xo

  3. Great pic. Love the beanie on you. Great look.


  4. Love the beanie and bag! Lemme know if ya ever want to collab :))

  5. cute outfit! I love the matching of the sweatshirt with your cap! And I love your bag

  6. Cute! I nominated you for the Liebster Award!