Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Accessories

Rose earrings from Forever 21, Mod Cloth & UrbanOG (sold out)

Spring is only a few short weeks away and I couldn't be more eager to renovate my wardrobe. As the weather warms up, colours start to re-emerge and the vibes are calming after having endured such a ruthless Winter. I'm ready for the snow to disappear, for the flowers to bloom and to be able to walk outside and feel the warm sun rays on my skin. I've started shopping for Spring accessories and I'm in awe of all the florals and pastels that replaced the shelves of previously stocked dark and bold clothing and accessories. I know I'll be accessorizing with loads of pastels, like with these adorably chic rose earrings I purchased from Forever 21 and UrbanOG. When it comes to rings, my current obsession is midi rings. They're usually thin and simple with a particular cut, which makes them stackable and suitable to wear in sets. Midi rings are not quite statement pieces, so to fill this void, I've got quite a few large and unique rings that are sure to accentuate any outfit. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I have what some would call an unhealthy obsession with  sunglasses. I just can't help it, there's an overwhelmingly diverse range of shapes and colours that I could immediately pair with an outfit...and once that happens, it only seems fit to buy it, haha. I will say however, I do not splurge on sunglasses. The most I would spend on a pair of sunglasses at this moment is thirty dollars, the reasoning being that I have broken or lost waaaaay too many sunglasses to gamble on caring for a nice pair of Ray-Ban's...been there, done that!



  1. You have an amazing collection of rings! I love all of them, especially the white bow one.

    May from La Vie En May

  2. hi pretty so cute !!! kiisss