Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Going Blonde: Uniwigs Collab

I've always wanted to die my hair but could never commit to a style or colour so I've been playing it safe and opted out all together. I realize that hair is just hair and it'll grow back but lets be honest, commitment issues. I've been au naturel since birth but I've been meaning to experiment with extensions that'd allow me to change up my hair without the fear of regret. When Uniwigs contacted me for a collab it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

Uniwigs sells synthetic and human hair extensions and wigs in a variety of different colours, lengths and textures. I'm wearing the 24" 7 piece synthetic clip-ins found (here). Upon receiving the extensions I though that I'd have an issue because my hair was longer than the blonde ends but it turns out that this just helps with blending to deliver a more subtle look. 
The quality is great and the hair doesn't shed which I know is a common issues with cheap hair pieces. When it comes to the application, understandably, the longer your hair, the more difficult and time consuming it will be to apply the extensions. Although, the overall process is fairly simple and easy to follow. So if you're anything like me and cannot seem to build up the courage to make it semi-permanent, head over to Uniwigs and try out some fun looks this summer!

photo via Instagram (@legallybrunettexo)

P.s Yes these photos were taken with yesterday's outfit post I just threw a plain white tee on top so the extensions were more prominent! 

Thanks for reading!

XO, Sarah


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