Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beautiful Day on Campus

Coming to the realization that there are thousands of people out there with similar dreams, similar goals and similar aspirations - I've decided that it's time I changed my outlook on blogging, or life for that matter. I've decided to put myself out there, do things that I wouldn't normally do or things that I've always been too self conscious to do out of shyness or fear of making mistakes. I've played it safe so far and although life is comfortable, I have to stop living in my secure bubble and take the opportunities out there waiting to be claimed. So with blogging, I'm aiming to try new things, broaden my outlook, take photographers up on their offer to collab (whereas in the past I've always convinced myself it wasn't a good idea), etc.

Last week, one of my friends came across my blog and my immediate thought was to privatize it along with my social media pages, but it was far beyond damage control. Without anyone in my personal life aware of my blog, I had little to fear because although there is no shortage of negativity online, I could handle it coming from a stranger. An Instagram comment from a user telling me not to wear a particular item of clothing because I have broad shoulders had absolutely no effect on me. However, knowing that people in my life could possibly be reading this, it no longer feels like a safe space to freely express myself. But lets be real, fear of judgement is just another #FirstWorldProblem... and it's time to own it! If that means shooting for my blog in public locations with a panoramic view of judgemental eyes (like my campus), so be it.

Xo, Sarah


  1. Love the shoes and the bag from? I missed the outfit details.

  2. You look beautiful! I am a new your follower! Join my blog if you want! Kisses

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