Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dress W+E Review

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The online shopping world is buzzing with an endless selection of shops worldwide allowing me to expand my wardrobe with the click of a button. I'm always open to broadening my wardrobe selection, which led to my collaboration with Dress W+E. Dress W+E is an Asian based online retailer with a diverse range of apparel highlighting dresses, footwear and handbags. I don't have much prior experience with Asian retailers other than Lookbook Store and She Inside but the means in which they operate is fairly similar.While they are no Lookbook Store, I was particularly drawn in by their prices and wider product selection. 

Placing the order was without difficulty and the handbag I selected arrived within a week, far quicker than most retailers shipping from Asia (beware of possible import charges!). I was satisfied with the overall quality of the bag although it was beige and not white as the image displays. If you're skeptical about an item, I advise sending them an email to clarify before placing your order.

See this bag styled for a casual summer look HERE !

 Browse their selection HERE


  1. This pink homecoming dresses under 100 is supremely made! The order itself took a while to be processed, but once it shipped it was quickly received. I am very happy with the design and product as a whole.very hot dress.

  2. I ordered this vintage homecoming dresses 2015 in dark blue, size 2 and it came just as I had hoped. The colour and sizing were right on the money. The dress was constructed very well and the material was nice