Friday, July 11, 2014

Reinventing the Kimono

When they say cropped tops are not for everyone, it's not food for thought, it's a fact. I don't think I need to give you the 411 on the topic, I'm sure you've been to your local Wal-Mart (#PeopleOfWalMart) and had your fair share of rueful double takes. Not only have the deviants become the poster girls for North American fashion faux pas, but is it really worth your dignity and the judgement? (mostly negative, studies show). If you're not fit to bare midriff, this isn't the time and place to channel your inner Madonna.
While there are obviously people who whole heartedly support the right to "express yourself" and "the freedom to wear what you want," there are also people supporting these horrendous Prada sandals that made their way onto the runway earlier this that settles that.

Speaking as a strong advocate for ill-fitted cropped tops against humanity, I don't think society deserves to see my untoned abs, and quite frankly I have too much self respect and not enough appetite for attention. Which finally brings us to the reinvention of the kimono.

While cropped tops worn conventionally are not for all body types, this isn't to say that they cannot be worn by all. A contradiction you say? It's simple, if you can make it work, go for it. Wear a cropped top with a skirt without the unnecessary exposure and you've just put together a modest little number. I on the other hand, draped a kimono around my waist for the perfect summer look.

Boohoo cropped top 
Kimono // similar style here
Target boyfriend jeans 
Tobi heels
Dress W+E satchel

XO, Sarah


  1. This robe de cocktail pas cher is gorgeous! The style is very flattering and the quality is amazing! I bought this for my prom day the color is royal blue and the beads are nice ! greatly fitted.