Sunday, December 6, 2015

Boots ↑↑ Jeans ↑↑

Currently obsessing over thigh-highs and this cross-strap top. I could seriously live in thigh-high boots for the remainder of Autumn/Winter, if the weather permits. These boots in particular are a bit uncomfortable over prolonged periods of time, though I just purchased a new, more practical pair that will probably replace these as my go-to's.  
 The top is my absolutely current favourite, and will surely get enough wears this season. And since you have all been asking, it's from Chicwish! (it comes in black, nude, and red)

In other news, I shattered the screen of my IPhone.......a.k.a no more selfies for a while. I guess it was bound to happen, I've probably dropped it over a hundred times and it just now decides it's had enough. Oh well, maybe it's a sign that I should get off of Insta and study for the million finals and papers I'm drowning in. I cannot wait for this semester to be over, see you on the other side!! x

Chicwish top // Joe's Jeans 


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