Thursday, March 10, 2016

Current Favourite Lipstick: YSL Satin Lips

- photos via instagram @sarahmian - 

When I started blogging, I would experiment with tons of lip shades and different makeup looks to make each outfit look distinct. It just so happens that it was also around the time that I actually started wearing makeup. Before blogging and discovering the plethora of beauty products, looks, and techniques, I would stick to my mascara and concealer...yeah I know, what a beauty routine eh, haha. However, after posting a few looks,  I felt like I couldn't just look "plain," because everyone was all about the winged liner and dramatic pout. 
Years later, I've found what I'm comfortable with and although I change it up a little, I tend to stick to my basics. One of which is the blush/rose lip. It is definitely my go-to. 

My current favourite is the YSL satin lipstick in Rose Bergamasque 

#NotAnAd #JustObsessed

p.s. the notebook is from Nunuco Design Co. in case you guys were wondering :)


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