Friday, April 1, 2016

Fit with Fabletics

Hello world! I hope you're enjoying this beautiful Friday afternoon. Today's post features athletic wear from Kate Hudson's brand, Fabletics. As the weather warms up, I have absolutely no more excuses to be lazy and unhealthy because summer is just around the corner and this girl is far from struttin' that bikini bod. I've been telling myself that I'll start going to the gym "once midterms are over", and then "once the weather get warmer" and then I reach a point where I contemplate if getting a whole new wardrobe would be the easier way out... but that's just me being lazy and unmotivated. 

 I've been unmotivated because I know I won't see immediate results so it seems like there's rush to start now. I've decided that I need to stop setting unattainable fitness goals with the chaotic lifestyle that I'm currently living and make time for a daily runs or squat sets. 

Do you guys have any fitness tips? How do you stay motivated to workout? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below :)


Fabletics leggings + top
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