Friday, March 18, 2016

Post Your Toast

In an effort to get fit during the chaotic months before Summer arrives, I have decided to make changes to my eating habits and focus on clean eating rather than starving myself...because lets be serious, that never really works. I know people try to cut certain food out of their diet all together but I've decided that limited and portions and less processed food is a more suitable choice for myself. I've been having a lot of fun with toast and trying out different combination for breakfast and to snack on in between meals. 

Here are just a few combinations that I've tried on toasted rye. 

- strawberries, whipped cream cheese - 
- sliced pear, low-fat peanut butter - cinnamon sugar - 
- blueberries, whipped cream cheese - 
- banana slices, low-fat peanut butter, cinnamon sugar - 
- sliced cucumber, whipped cream cheese, freshly cracked black pepper - 
- honey toasted oats, walnuts, low-fat peanut butter - 

Share your toast with me @sarahmian :)


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