Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Spa Day at Elmwood Spa

Good afternoon everyone 🙂

Yesterday I was treated to a much needed spa day courtesy of Elmwood Spa. We were pampered with mani and pedis and I can honestly say that it was the best spa experience I've had to this day. Everyone was professional and sweet and the service was completely up to standard....and you know your girl doesn't settle for anything less than perfection. 

Elmwood Spa recently renovated their nail salon creating a more spacious and relaxing atmosphere. It was a very relaxing, calming and comfortable space; everything a nail salon should be. The lighting is also on pointttt...you know for those necessary spa-day snaps. 

I also noticed that the space was extremely clean, tidy and very organized. You may be thinking that would be quite obvious, although you'd be surprised of the horrors I've witnessed at nail salons in the past. Elmwood definitely redeemed nail salons for me to say the least. I was also told that the nail tools are sanitized and 100% disinfected after each appointment, which is extremely important to Elmwood as they strive to offer a completely satisfying and wholesome experience. There's no cutting corners here. 

After our pampering, we were treated to a three course lunch at the Terrace patio. The view was beautiful, and the food to die for. 

Thank you so much to Elisabeth and Carleen for our gorgeous manis and pedis, and Elmwood Spa for a wonderful experience. I will most definitely be returning very very soon! 🙂


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