Monday, November 28, 2016

Pointed Toe Perfection

Love at first sight. I've never owned anything like them. They're pointed-toe perfection. 

My obsession over these leather gems began the moment they caught my eye at Winners. I didn't recognize the designer, nor had I ever seen anything like them. They're made by Italian designer, Capezzani, and judging by the price ($$$), I assumed they were either (1) made by a well renowned designer that I apparently have never heard of, or (2) made with some damn good leather. It was the latter. 

This isn't to say that the designer isn't a creative genius, because based on the comments under my Instagram post alone, you're all as head over heels as I am and he should probably be way up there with the greats! 

P.s. You can probably find these online elsewhere, though I would reccomend checking out Winners or Marshalls to save big time $$  #notsponsored 

Designer: Capezzani 
Where to get it: Winners/Marshall's/Online


1 comment:

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