Friday, January 20, 2017

Secret Bay - A Luxurious Stay in Dominica

During my trip in Dominica, I had the pleasure of experiencing the award winning resort, Secret Bay. Secret Bay is a beautiful resort composed of several luxury villas that are surrounded by nature with a view that overlooks the Caribbean Sea. It was a highlight of my trip, and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a luxury stay on the Nature Isle of Dominica. 

I was in awe of our villa and everything it had to offer. From a private pool to the most comfortable lounging area, I seriously considered spending the entire trip held up in there. After obsessing over every inch of our villa, we ventured out to explore the rest of the resort and the local beaches. 
A popular spot we got to see was Secret Beach,  a beach that's attached to the resort, though access to the beach requires a short kayaking trip. It was first time kayaking and aside from the internal panic and irrational fear of tipping my kayak and getting trapped under water, it was smooth paddling, haha. 
 📍 Secret Beach

We enjoyed a private lunch in our villa with the most beautiful view and a gentle sea breeze. It was the perfect setting. Everything is prepared with fresh, local ingredients and made to order. The kitchen offers a menu but you can literally order anything and they'll make it for you. I opted for seafood chowder (the best seafood chowder I've ever had) and lion fish. I also ordered fresh passion fruit juice that was so delicious my only regret was not bottling it up and taking it home with me. 


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