Friday, February 24, 2017

Vancouver Travel Diary

📍 Cypress View Point
Last month I experienced more adventure than I had my entire life. I ended my trip in Dominica with a short stay in Barbados and then straight to Vancouver, and it wasn't because I was eager to return to winter in the Great White North. I went from tanning under the Caribbean sun to snowshoeing up mountains with little to no feeling in my toes; but it was well worth it. I mean, just look at that view...

I spent my New Year's Eve in Vancouver visiting one of my best friends, who by the way, totally understands the need to photograph everything; and that's definitely a friend every travel blogger needs. 
Today, I'm sharing snaps from some of my favourite spots in Vancouver that are totally instagramable and will leave you wondering why it took you this long to make it out to the West Coast. 😲

📍 West Vancouver
Photographed above is the view from my friend's backyard guys......😲
Waking up to this every morning was breathtaking.
📍 Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
📍 Cypress Mountain
Dessert and coffee @ Thierry Cafe 

Ladurée was an absolute dream. It was my first time trying the infamous macarons and they did not disappoint. I ended up getting a box for myself, and two more for my sisters 🙈

📍 Ladurée (downtown Vancouver) 

'till next time. 


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  1. The view from your friend's backyard is amazing!

    - Amal