Wednesday, March 15, 2017


As we approach prom season, I thought it'd only be fitting that I share my prom horror story with you all, and offer a little advice on how to avoid the (seemingly) catastrophic obstacles that took place in the days leading up to my twelfth grade prom. I'm also sharing some prom inspo for those of you who may be attending, including details of this embellished gown from Melanie Lynn

Disclaimer: The dress may be embellished but the story is not. 

Let get straight into the story. It was about a month before prom, and I was online browsing day and night searching for the perfect prom dress. I didn't take prom too seriously, but the in-store trends were heavily focuses on synthetic satin and gemstones, and my style was far from it. I wanted something simple and elegant. Something more my aesthetic; and when I finally found the perfect dress, I immediately placed my order. Three weeks later, the dress still hadn't arrived, and prom was only a few days away. I called the company and it turns out they charged me for the dress but never placed the order. I had no other choice than to franticly head to the mall to pick out a dress. And as you can probably imagine, there were very limited options seeing as it was prom season, though I tried to make the best out of the situation and lets just say I and chose the one I hated the least. Moral of the story, buy your dress ahead of time and keep up with online orders. 

To make matters worse, my prom make-up and hair was a disaster. I had never gotten my make-up or hair professionally done, and had complete faith in the stylist and artist. Back then, I didn't know much about make-up, nothing other than how to excessively overcoat my lashes with "blackest black" mascara. I asked for a natural look and a half up-do, and got something of the birds-nest, morning-after variety. I was going for something as styled in this shoot by Medulla & Co., but ended up with a mess of tight curls, overcorrected by dozens of bobby pins and what seemed like a full can of hairspray. I went home after paying way too much $$, washed my hair and face and had my sister re-do it all. My advice to you all: make sure to browse through portfolios or past work of the stylist/artist before you entrust them with your glam for any event. 

Six years later, I'm styling the dress I wish I wore to prom. It's neutral and elegant, with the right amount of flare. 

Dress: Melanie Lynn
Hair courtesy of Medulla & Co


Post sponsored by Melanie Lynn. 


  1. Oh wow, that dress is beautiful! All of the detail work is incredible!

  2. Love this dress! I experienced a similar story, I completed hated my hair and makeup too.